and the winner is…

So, we held the best heat position for almost 4 hours yesterday and in the last 15 min the reigning champs passed us to take the win. So congrats to McBob’s! I still believe ours was hotter! 😉 but a lot of great things happened; 1st WMSE Rocks! Over 3000 people entered those doors. The new  text voting teleprompter highlights of the night was awesome. It made so many people come try our chili. We met so many great new people, visited by so many who remembered us for our frog leg chili last year and filmed a segment for Wisconsin Foodie! What more could one ask for? I hope WMSE raised a lot of money because they rule and they have always been so supportive of everything I’ve ever done. Love you guys! Thanks to CJ from Brewed for our Chili Sign, it was loved! And lastly, keeping it good in the neighborhood; congrats to our friends at Riverwest co-op for best veggie.  Great things coming out of Riverwest!

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