About Us

Ball ‘n Biscuit is a small catering business located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We do everything from showers and birthday parties, corporate lunches and meetings, to weddings and holiday work parties.  We are comfortable serving 10 people, or 300 people. We use clean, organic and local ingredients (when possible — we are at the mercy of Wisconsin winters, and not much grows here come January!) and can prepare cuisines of all kinds and meet any sort of dietary requirements. Vegan and vegetarian dishes are a large part of our menu, and we’re happy to prepare gluten free and allergy-friendly options.

At Ball ‘n Biscuit, we pride ourselves on home-cooked, buffet styled meals that satisfy everyone’s culinary tastes. Our menu is vast, and we’re not beholden to it. If you’d like grandma’s best dish served at your wedding, send us the recipe. We’ll make it!

We want to help you work within your budget to make your event special.

Contact us by email  at ballnbiscuitcatering@gmail.com or  call us at 414-962-9779 today!

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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