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Vintage Rentals


For vintage rentals and any day of event coordinating please contact Jennifer at

We do have a studio space located at 1718 N. 1st street Milwaukee 53212. you need to contact us to make an appointment to come see our treasures.

Check out our Facebook page-!/pages/Table-of-Contents-Vintage-Rentals/506550362720027

Table of Content Policies:
*Please keep in mind that all items are vintage and have had a life before, therefore they may have some scars or hints of their past. We do our best to only have items for rent that are in good condition, but some items have been around for the last 50-70 years.
*All rentals come from a Smoke-free household.
*Vintage items (such as the plates) may be different from plates featured on the photos. There is a mixture of different styles/categories and we will do our best to meet your needs and desires of the style you prefer, but specific plates may not be available.
*All Vintage items are mixed. There are some duplicates/matching items from the same set, but it is a mixture for the most part.
*Rates shown are for 1 day rentals and include day before pickup and day after return.

*Longer term contracts and rates are available.

*No Minimum cost/rental on pick up orders.

*$200 minimum on delivered orders.

*There is a delivery fee based on type, size and travel distance:

– $35-$50 in Milwaukee

-$50 and up outside of Milwaukee

*All items are to be returned in the condition they were originally found. Customers are responsible for repair/replacement fee to any items damaged during rental. A detailed repair/replacement fee list is available upon request.

*All rental items will be clean and ready to be enjoyed. All rental items should be returned in the same manner, except tablecloths (see below). When you rent from T.O.C., you are responsible for hiring one of our preferred dishwashers for your event to handle and clean our items.

*All vintage tablecloths rented should be returned UNWASHED. We have our own methods to washing and treating vintage linens.

*A 50% nonrefundable deposit will be due upon signing rental contract to hold your desired pieces.

*Your balance will be due at time of pick up or delivery.

*If there is something you are interested in and do not see it – we will happily do what we can to aquire and vintage items for you within reason! Just ask! We are happy to work with your desires and would love to help find what you are looking for.

*T.O.C. Vintage Rentals is not responsible for damages or injuries.

Table of Contents Vintage Rental Rates:

Mixture of Vintage Dinner, Salad, Appetizer/Dessert plates (different styles are available) – $1.50 per plate ($1 per plate W/Ball N Biscuit Catering)

Mixture Vintage bowls – $1.50 per plate ($1 W/Ball N Biscuit Catering)

Mixture Vintage Forks, Knives and Spoons – $1 per piece

Vintage Tablecloths – $15 per linen ($12 per linen W/Ball N Biscuit Catering)

Vintage Napkins – $1 per napkin

Vintage Tea Cups and Saucers (not matching) – $1 each or $1.50 for the set

Mason Jars: Half Pint Size – $.75 each

Pint Size – $1.50 each ($1 W/ Ball N Biscuit Catering)
Quart Size – $1.75 each ($1 W/ Ball N Biscuit Catering)

Mixed glass and barware will be available soon – let us know what you are looking for and we can let you know what we have and can even get more for you!

Vintage Suitcases – $5 – $10 each

Vintage Doors – $10 – $15 each

Wooden Crates – $5 – $8

More Vintage items available soon!

Basic rentals-

We are adding to our collection all the time. If It cannot come from us, we will work with local rental companies to get you what you need. When we work your event such things a chafing dishes and serving utensils are included in your price.  We also offer vintage rentals which is its own entity and will soon have its own web page. for now, inquire within. When renting from us you must have a dishwasher. All rentals will go through

Rentals   China, Utensils, glass wares.

* extra cleaning charges & waiver charges apply

Coffee pot rental, $10.00 each, 100 cup maker (Usually one for regular & one for decaf)

Cakes stand rental, $10.00 (6 tiers)

Ice Tea Dispenser, $10.00

Beverage Dispenser, $10.00

Rentals (basics)                                   (China, Utensils, Cups)

Plates (dinner, salad, dessert)     $1.00 each (.50 each when we work your event)
Fork,Knives, spoons                         $.50 each

8.5 oz Coffee Cups                              $1.00 each

Wine & Champaign glasses            $ .90 each ($.50 when we work your event)

Pint Glasses                                             $.90 each ($.50 when we work your event)

Water Goblets                                         $.90 each ($.50 when we work your event)

High Ball glass                                        $.90 each ($.50 when we work your event)

There are 3 different fees that renters charge.  Insurance to cover breakage, washing & tax (we do not)

Grill rental $150.00

Ecoware Dinnerware (Sugarcane, durable paper ware. bio degradable & recycled items)

Basic dinner package dinner plates, appetizer plate, forks, knives, napkins $125.00 per 100 guests $25 extra per every 25 guests after

extra’s inquire


Buffet set up  –  Free to any of our local “favorite” venues.  $35.00 (in Milwaukee county), $50.00 (Waukesha county or Surrounding Counties to Milwaukee, extra charge for further distance)

Cake & Pie Cutting (For cakes & pies not made by us) $50.00 per every 100 guests

Servers & Bartenders                   $15.00 an hour per ( must pay for a 6 hour min, Must pay for an hr travel fee before and after events for out of town, fees start at their start time/ meet time at our kitchen)

Chef                                                        $25.00 an hour

Runner (required with family style)  $120.00

Dishwasher (required with dish or glass rental) $120.00

Gratuity                                                18% (for food servers only)

WI sales tax                                          6.1%

Bar Staff- may be tipped by event holders or allowed to be
tipped by guests, it is customary to tip a bartender based on how many guests
you have.

Tastings- are $20.00 per person. Tastings take place on Sunday and Monday nights in the fall and winter by appointment only. They are $20.00 per person and should you pick us as your caterer, we will credit it back on your final bill. you must be spending  at least $1000 on food to get this service. you may have a tasting with us  but will be required to pay a tasting fee for any event that is below $1000. Send us a list of interests and we will pick 5 to 6 items for you to try. You may have up to four guest, after that, we keep the charge per as does a second tasting. Since we are a small catering business, once wedding season starts (May-Nov) we do tastings on a week by week basis (if we have time). You may also ask to pick up some of the food we are preparing for that week’s event to get an idea of how our food is. Your best bet is to schedule your tasting with us Jan-April. You may also ask for referrals. Please feel free to bring wine or beer to your tasting.

Don’t see something you want – just ask!!

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