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Ball’n Biscuit FAQ- If you still find your questions not answered please contact us at
How long have you been doing this? We started catering in 2006 however, Daniel and Maria have been working in bars and restaurants for over 20 years and Maria has had her own cleaning business for over 20 years.
Do you do Tastings? Yes, Sunday and Monday nights in the fall and winter by appointment only. They are $20.00 per person and should you pick us as your caterer, we will credit it back on your final bill. you must be spending  at least $1000 on food to get this service. you may have a tasting with us  but will be required to pay a tasting fee for any event that is below $1000. Send us a list of interests and we will pick 5 to 6 items for you to try. You may have up to four guest, after that, we keep the charge per as does a second tasting. Since we are a small catering business, once wedding season starts (May-Nov) we do tastings on a week by week basis (if we have time). You may also ask to pick up some of the food we are preparing for that week’s event to get an idea of how our food is. Your best bet is to schedule your tasting with us Jan-April. You may also ask for referrals. Please feel free to bring wine or beer to your tasting.
What is the minimum order for Ball’n Biscuit Catering? If you would like to pick up or drop off, the minimum order is 10 guests or $200 but always inquire we are pretty flexible and it will depend on what you are asking for.
Where do we start? The first thing you should do is set up a meeting or tasting with us. We also do phone meetings. Half of our clients are from out of state/town.
Bring with you some basics: How many people you plan on inviting, In what location (we can help with venue selection if you have not looked) and what your budget is.
Many clients are apprehensive about offering up a budget. Please think about what you want to spend per person to host your event. It saves us both time to find out If your price range is realistic and workable.
How early do I need to contact you prior to the event?
The earlier the better, certainly the caterer should be the first contacted when putting together an event. We handle events all the time and can save you money on rentals and other aspects of your event.
We find ourselves booked a year in advance on prime weekends. So get your event on our calendar with your booking fee as early as possible to insure you will have the date. We have booked weddings in as little as two weeks. Each year, we book faster and sooner than the previous.
Will you tentatively hold a date?
No. All dates are booked on a first come first served basis. If you cannot commit to a date, then we assume you are still shopping around for services. We will however, let you know that someone has asked about your date but if you do not answer or take action, we will have to assume you are no longer interested in using us.
How do I decide on the menu?
Take a look at our menu and let us know what appeals most to you. We can help you pull a menu together based on that. We will also use that to help put a tasting menu together for you. We are very open and flexible to menus and will always be honest about what is realistic to do for the amount of people you are having and your budget.
How do I order for children?
Typically, we suggest that each child under the age of 10 to 5 be counted “2 for 1″ – two children for one adult under 5 we usually don’t count. We are also happy to provide a separate menu for children if you’d like. Please ask us for details if this interests you!
What is your deposit requirement?
25% of the total food or $500 cost for private events
Week before actual event: Remaining balance due
Do you charge cake cutting or corking fees? We charge a Cake and pie cutting fee for desserts not made by us, $50 per 100 people, corking fee, no.
What other services do you provide?
We provide specialty rentals check out our vintage rentals page!
When is my final guest count due? 30 days before your event. However, we can be a little flexible with this, depending on what you are having, how large the event is and what time of year it is.
Will I need rental equipment? Can Ball’n Biscuit provide this? We can provide basic china, glassware, & white linens. We also have started a vintage rentals business called T.O.C. Vintage Rentals (Table of Contents). Please see our vintage  rentals menu and contact Jennifer at

Can you provide servers, chefs and bartenders?
Yes, we are capable of providing all necessary staff to set up, run and break down your entire event. Family styled dinners requires more Servers and Staff.
Do you accommodate last minute orders?
We prefer 48 hours’ notice for all orders to ensure product availability. However, we will always do our best to accommodate last minute orders, so please contact us.
Do you have a delivery charge and boundaries?
Your charge will be based on distance and varies from $35-$50+.
Food Presentation Methods
* Please discuss food allergies or dietary restrictions with us. *
Passed hors d’oeuvres- this option works for any event. Either as a pre-dinner appetizer or as the sole service of the party, they are easy to hold in your hand, don’t require utensils, offer variety to the menu and are easy to serve. Keep in mind that it takes wait staff to pass the hors d’oeuvres, which may increase your personnel estimate.
Stationary hors d’oeuvres- work well for open houses or receptions where guests arrive intermittently or move around within your venue.
Buffet A popular service choice, this option helps keep personnel costs in line and is a good opportunity to offer a variety of menu choices.
Seated meals We only offer family style service for 150 guests and under. For family style, your guests are presented with smaller platters of food which are shared among groups of 8-10 guests.
What does your staff wear and how many staff do you recommend having? – All black, clean. You will find that we are not typical, but look and act professional. We recommend 1 server per 50 guests for buffet and station styled events. We will add a few more for Family style and passed services. For 100+ bar service; 2 bartenders for wine and beer, if you are doing specialty drinks or mixers we ask you to consider having 3.
Are you fully insured and licensed? Yes, and we can provide you with any document you would need from us.
Do you provide alcohol and beverages?
We can provide coffee, bottled water, and soda at an additional charge. We do not provide any alcohol or alcohol service at this time. It is important to review the alcohol policies of your rental facility before signing a contract with them. We do have licensed bartenders who you may hire and will help you with your bar needs and set up of the bar.
What methods of payment do you accept? We take cash, check or PayPal. We will be taking credit cards shortly. For pay pal use
What if we cancel? All cancellations must be in writing. The following cancellation fees will be charged against Customer’s deposit:
For groups up to 25: Cancellations received 14 working days prior to the event date will be accepted without charge. Cancellations within 14 working days of the event will result in a charge of 25% of the total contract price.

For groups of 25-99: Cancellations received 30 working days prior to the event date will be accepted without charge. Cancellations within 30 working days of the event will result in a charge of 25% of the total contract price.
For groups of 100 or more: Cancellations received 30 working days prior to the event date will be accepted without charge. Cancellations within 30 working days of the event will result in a charge of 25% of the total contract price.

What is a Facility fee? Some venues (not all) do charge us and other caterers a facility fee. Some are a percentage of your food cost and some are per guest. we do pass this on to you.  Others may hide it in their food cost  we give it to you up front. Make sure you check with your venue/s about this.

What should happen if you cancel, say, due to weather?
We would not cancel, should there be bad weather, we may need to have a plan B as to how we would need to plan accordingly. A wedding policy can reimburse you for money you can’t get back if the day is canceled because a storm shuts down airports or a burst pipe floods the venue etc… There’s coverage for lost or stolen wedding jewelry, and damaged or missing gowns. If the photographer doesn’t show up or the pictures are damaged, policies may pay to reassemble the wedding party and restage the ceremony so new photos can be taken. There’s also coverage for military deployment and liability, which some venues require in case someone gets hurt. Policies can be bought for as little as $95, depending on how much is being spent on the wedding.
WedSafe says fewer than 10 percent of weddings are insured. The Wedding Report, a market research company, estimates that 11 percent of the 2.1 million weddings in the United States last year were insured. We are also insured.

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