Vegan Menu


  • Items marked with * require a station chef Please look at Pinterest under Ball’n Biscuit


Scrambled Tofu Eggs – 

Scrambled Tofu Casserole Bake – choice of three toppings options:

Vegan Biscuits and Gravy – 

Tempeh Bacon – 

Vegan Sausage – 

Hash Brown Potato Casserole – 

Tempeh Squash Hash – 


Tempeh Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

Artichoke Dip with Spinach – serves with chips or bread, spicy or mild:

Bruschetta with Mediterranean Tomato Topping – 

Hummus – served with pita chips:

White Bean Dip – (Italian hummus) served with pita chips:

Olive Tapanade – served with bread or crackers:

Tempeh Pate – Tempeh and wild mushrooms served with crackers:

Eggplant Dip – eggplant and red pepper and some hot pepper to spice it up:

Spring Rolls – served with peanut sauce:

Mini BBQ Setain Sliders – 

Guacamole & Chips –

Salsa & Chips – 

Empanadas – soy chorizo & potato, sweet potato and black bean, mushroom and spinach

Mushrooms with Chipotle & Cilantro

Taco Salad Dip & Chips  

Pasta Salad – bowtie pasta, veggies, black olives in Mediterranean vinaigrette.

Veggie Plate – choose from ranch, cilantro & chive or dill dip:

Fruit Plate – caramel, chocolate, vegan cashew dip:


Garlic Soup with Creole Croutons – 

Curried Carrot Soup – 

Avocado Soup –

Broccoli Soup – 

Tomato Salad – 

Dinner Salad – 


Vegan Italian Sausage – BBQ & Beer:

Vegan Brat Sausage –

Vegan Hot Dogs –

Empanadas – 

Curry Dish – choose from any three veggies with rice:

Thai Yellow Curry with Potatoes and Peas: 

Pesto & Pasta – 

Marinara & Pasta – 

Roasted Eggplant, Red Pepper & Pasta –

Tres Bean Vegan Chili 

Vegan Seitan, Jack Fruit or Lentil – made any way you’d like:

Earth Balance Spread –


Mashed Potatoes – 

Grilled  or Roasted Vegetables – 

Steamed Vegetables – 

Indian Eggplant and Potato – 

Garlic bread – $

Pinto Beans – Frijoles refritos:

Tres Frijoles – three bean refried:

Black beans with Cumin – 

Zucchini or Cucumber Salad with Tomato, Cilantro & Onion – 

Asian Slaw with Ginger Sesame Dressing – 

Coleslaw – 

Mexican Rice – choose from red (tomato base with red chilies, peas and cilantro) and green (green onion, cilantro, lime and jalapeño):

Regular or Curry Potato Salad – 

Couscous Pilaf & Pine Nuts

Wild Rice Salad – with almonds, green onion, and currants…

Thai Salad – 

Egg plant, Lime, Cilantro Salad –


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