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MENU- Prices are subject to change.

*Will need a station chef

 Ask about dietary needs

 Any dish can be served as an Appetizer or Tapas style


Sliders- (Tall Grass  or Kobe beef sliders with Cheddar cheese, Wasabi mayo, with or without mango

chutney on a Pretzel Bun)…. $6.00 per

Sliders- (80/20 beef same as above)…$4.00 per

Pulled pork sliders- (BBQ, Coleslaw on a pretzel bun)…$4.00 per

Portabella Mushroom Silders (served the same as the beef) $4.00 per

Hot wings- (mild or ghost pepper spicy served with our home made blue cheese dressing)…$12.00 per


* Crab cakes with remoulade sauce appetizer size …$4.00 each
Crab cakes with remoulade sauce entree size size…$7.00 each

Whole smoked salmon – (dill and lemon about 6-8lbs)…. Market Price (ask for estimated price) serves

Thirty five to one hundred.

*Mussels in white wine saffron sauce…$18.00 per dozen

Prosciutto wrapped grilled asparagus…$24.00 per dozen

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts…$15.00 per dozen

Teriyaki Beef and Scallion Rolls… $24.00 per dozen

Artichoke dip with Spinach – chips or bread (spicy or mild)…$22.00 serves fifteen to twenty

Bruschetta with Mediterranean tomato topping…$16.00 per dozen

Hummus (pita chips)…$20.00 serves twenty

White bean dip (Italian hummus) (pita chips)…$20.00 serves twenty

Caprese skewers (mozzarella, basil, tomato on a skewer) …$15.00 per dozen

Stuffed mushrooms (herbed goat cheese)…$15.00 per dozen

Olive Tapenade (served with bread or crackers) …$9.00 per pound

Tempeh pate – (served with crackers) Tempeh and wild mushrooms…$9.00 per pound

Eggplant dip- eggplant and red pepper and some hot pepper to spice it up…$9.00 per pound

Cocktail sandwiches or Subs- (ham & Swiss, salami & provolone, turkey & Swiss or veggie ) with spicy garlic mayo sauce and an herb relish…$4.00 per

Deviled Eggs- (regular or curry)…$12.00 per dozen

Guacamole & Chips… Market price based on pricing of Avocados.

Salsa & Chips…$15.00 per 10 guests

Mushrooms with Chipotle & Cilantro…$8.00 per pound

Taco salad dip & chips…$30.00- 12”…$40.00- 16”…$50.00- 18”

Meat balls (Sweet Maple Sauce, BBQ, Chipotle or Swedish)…$12.00 per pound

Pasta salad (bowtie pasta, veggies, black olives, feta cheese in Mediterranean vinaigrette)… $9.00 per pound

Veggie plate (blue cheese dip, honey mustard or dill)…$60.00- 12”…$75.00- 16”… $100.00- 18”

Fruit plate 75.00- 12”…$90.00- 16”…$105.00- 18”

Wisconsin Cheese plate (Cheddar, Swiss, Colby, Pepper Jack and assorted crackers)…$60.00- 12”…$80.00- 16”…$100.00- 18”

Wisconsin Cheese and Usinger Sausage plate (with assorted crackers)…$80.00- 12”…$90.00- 16”… $110.00- 18”

Specialty cheese (ex-brie & assorted crackers) market price call for estimates

Specialty Italian Deli Tray- 2 cheese, 2 meats-(ex: Capicola, Mortadella with Fontina & Provolone)  Market price

Specialty Spanish Deli Tray- 2 cheese, 2 meats- (ex: Serrano Ham, Chorizo with Smoked Mahon & Manchego Cheese) Market Price

Soups & Salads**

We make a variety of soups and salads most run $4.00 to $6.50 per person

Breads and Rolls

Dinner rolls assorted types- $1.00 per person (with butter or olive oil)

Earth Balance soy margarine spread … $15.00 per every 100 people


*Pig Roast- *on site on Spit-$8.45 per person (75 people min) Pig Roast- done off site and brought to site cut up and ready to go $6.75 per person (75 people min)

Polish Sausage-$4.00 each (made by a local butcher served with bun & horseradish)

B’nB Italian Sausage- (BBQ & PBR Beer)- $4.00 each (served on a bun)

Italian Sausage- (Usinger, Served with bun, onion & mustard)- $4.00 each

Brat Sausage-(Usinger, Served with bun, sauerkraut) $3.00 each

Hot Dogs-(Usinger all Beef, bun ketchup, mustard)-$2.50 each

Pulled Pork (BBQ & rolls) … $25.00 per pound

Shredded BBQ Chicken- (rolls) …$20.00 per pound

Chicken Breast- $7.50 each (marinated and grilled)

Tacos (Chicken, Beef, Steak, Chorizo, and Cheese) …$4.00 each for veggie and chicken, $4.00 each for beef or pork (must order at least 15)

Tostada (Chicken, Beef, Steak, Chorizo, Cheese… $4.00 each for chicken or cheese,$4.00 each for beef or pork (must order at least 15)

Al Pastor Tacos (Pork and Pineapple in Sweet Chili Sauce) $5.00 each

Fajitas (Chicken, Steak or veggie)…$6.00 per person

Empanadas (vegan version available)…$4.00 each

Chicken (or Shrimp) Curry (with rice) $9.00 per pound for chicken (add $2.00 for shrimp)

Thai yellow curry with potatoes and peas (with rice) …$9.00 per pound (add $2.00 for Chicken)

Thai Beef and Mushrooms (with rice)…$12.00 per pound

Grilled Pork chops…$8.00 each chop

Seared Pork Tenderloin…$17.00 per pound

Seared Beef Tenderloin…$38.00 per pound

Seared Hanger Steak…$30.00 per pound

Fettuccini Alfredo…$8.00 per person add $1.00 per person for chicken or $2.00 for shrimp

Pesto & Pasta $8.00 per person

Marinara & Pasta…$6.00 per person add $2.00 per person to add meat or sausage

Roasted Eggplant, Red Pepper & Pasta $6.00 per person

Tres Bean Vegan Chili…. $10.00 per pound (feeds 4)

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli… $9.00 per person

Spaghetti and Meatballs…   $9.00 per person

Mexican Pasta (spicy Mexican chorizo, chipotle marinara and avocado

Over Fettuccini pasta) $12.00 per person



Mashed potatoes…$9.00 per pound

Sweet potatoes mash…$9.00 per pound

Roasted Potatoes in garlic and rosemary

Baked potatoes…$3.50 each

Mac’n Cheese…$9.00 per pound

Grilled Vegetables…$9.00 per pound

Indian eggplant and potatoes… $.9.00 per pound

Brussels sprouts in cheese sauce… $9.00 per pound

Brussels sprouts with leeks and bacon…$10.00 per pound

Zucchini or Cucumber Salad (with Tomato, cilantro & onion) …$9.00 per pound

Butternut squash (butter and brown sugar)…$9.00 per pound

Curry carrots and cilantro… $9.00 per pound

Roasted Corn and Radish salad with spicy lime dressing…$9.00 per pound

Pinto Beans/ (Frijoles refritos) …$ 8.00 per pound

Tres Frijoles (3 bean refried)…$8.00 per pound

Texas baked beans (Smokey chipotle, bacon, and jalapeño)…$8.00 per pound

Black beans with Cumin…$6.50 per pound

Asian Slaw (with Ginger Sesame dressing)…$8.00  per pound

Coleslaw…$5.00 per pound

Mexican Rice, red or green (Red-tomato base with red chilies, peas, cilantro, Green-green onion, cilantro, lime and jalapeño) …$8.00 per pound

Regular or Curry Potato Salad…$9.00 per pound

Couscous Pilaf & Pine Nuts…$12.00 per pound

Wild Rice Salad (with almonds, green onion, and dried fruit)…$12.00 per pound

Chicken or Turkey Salad…$10.00 per pound

Thai Salad…$9.00 per pound

Eggplant, Lime and Cilantro salad…$8.00 per pound




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