New Vintage Tableware!

While we work on getting our web page for our vintage rentals, take a look at some of the photos Kat did to give you an idea about what we have collected so far.

Photos © Kat Schleicher/Ellagraph Studios (

We have vintage plates!

We have vintage plates!

Mixing plates, vintage tableware and mason jars for drinking are all very popular trends for weddings. Expressing who you are at your event is key in giving you the best party of your life. Your family and friends will be in awe of what you put together and you will feel as though you let everyone come into your world for a day.How speical is that? Ask us about our vintage ware.

Oct 7th 10 annual food slam!

Food Slam Oct 7Thlook for our pulled pork sliders!

We have joined Braise RSA

What is Braise RSA, you say?

Restaurant Supported Agriculture
Braise RSA was created to make local, peak of season produce easily accessible to area restaurants. By working with area farms and restaurants in a cooperative effort, the RSA addresses the obstacles that have prohibited restaurants from using local products, namely the time and cost associated with sourcing locally. The RSA also allows farmers to be fairly compensated for their hard work, while keeping their farms’ identity intact.

For more info and a list of the involved farms and food establishments involved check out the site-

9Th annual WMSE Chili Cook Off

We will be there! get your tickets now!


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