Covid-19 Safety and commitment

 Ball’n Biscuits Catering COVID-19 Statement: What we are doing to support our customers, employees, and in compliance with the venues to insure you have a safe event

We plan on fulfilling our obligations with any clients that have booked events in the future.

If you have any concerns, please contact Maria by email at .

Employers are taking steps to support and adhere to government guidance to keep the workplace safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ball’n Biscuit staff conduct a COVID-19 workplace risk assessment and prepare and keep updated a business continuity plan.

All events will be supported by increased visible monitoring and its enforcement by management. There is a visible marshalling by dedicated staff at all points. And staff will be practicing COIVD safety at all events and working closely with your venue.

Our staff will be in full ordinance with CDC safety rules. Washing hands, wearing masks, gloves, and aprons. Cleaning with EPA approved disinfectant. Maintaining 6 feet distances whenever possible.

At this time, we will not be doing buffets. However, once we do, we will be staffing accordingly, and our staff will serve guests as we have always done. No guest is allowed in kitchens or to touch food at buffets. we are working on how we will approach this for the near future.

Enhanced sanitation practices in our offices, kitchens and events that are led by certified sanitation managers who have been officially certified in sanitation methods for COVID-19 prevention

PPE is required for all staff when social distancing is not possible

We will work with the venue to ensure safe distance approaches to your event

Condiments are now individually packaged. Water and coffee is to be served to tables by a server.

Food is made to order by a certified safe serve chef and employees.

Each event has a sanitation manager on-site to ensure guidelines are met.

We have many ways to keep you, our staff and your guests safe during this time and to make your event a success!